Shed Inspiration

We’re proud and excited to showcase our customer’s sheds!

We’ll be adding more of our customer’s sheds for you to view.  We’re really passionate about helping you to create and celebrate your own unique style of garden shed! Our customers find that having their own unique little space in the privacy of their garden to be very fulfiling on many levels.  There are many ways you could utilise your shed and we hope that you find some inspiration on this page!  We’d like to say a big thank you to our customers for sharing their feedback and shed images!

Work from home with your own classic cabin.

Please find attached pictures of my she shed and beauty salon, ‘The Beauty Den’. The cottage look and feel of the shed matched our 70s styled home. Putting it together was really simple and styling it to make it our own was so much fun!~ Trish @ the Beauty Den


Guest getaway with an outside space.

Thank you! The install, build and paint were done by a great local builder and painter and the chairs for the deck were made by a lovely man in our village. It’s a beautiful peaceful spot, perfect for an escape for the children (or the adults) and with the addition of a small solar panel we’ve also got lights for the evenings. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Best wishes


A perfect Artist retreat.

Look at our own local artist ‘Sirpa Alalääkkölä’s’ awesome Shed. She has definitely taken to the next level of cool!

“Everyone who comes and sees it absolutely love it, they love the look of it and the simplicity of making it. It is surprisingly big inside and everyone is impressed with the space saving idea of the alcove bed and kitchenette” I am over the moon how the whole project turned out, it has been such positive experience, I recommend it to any women, just do it!”

Save on travel with your own Home office

Many people have commented on the quality of the shed and I’m really pleased with the end result. The price of the shed is really excellent for the quality and size. We are using the shed as an edit suite for our small TV production business and it fits the bill nicely. Its cosy!~Kind regards Dave


Air BnB or campground space

We power the lighting with a small solar panel which is sufficient with the use of LED bulbs.
It’s cosy environment and people seem to love it which has prompted us to need another one!~Colleen & Stuart



Sewing room, craft space, outdoor creations

We are so pleased at how easy it all went together and soo happy with the end result. For someone that has no building experience, there was no point where I thought I couldn’t do this. Everybody is impressed with the quality of the Shed.
Our Shed is True Shabby Chic where we have our upcycled items and hand crafted soaps and candles~Regards Richard and Helen


Thank you!