When you buy one of our sheds, you have the possibility to have it impregnated by means of boiler pressure. Pressure-treatment is an alternative to painting and is only possible in log cabins and/or Pro-system summerhouses. By using Pressure-treatment you can protect your summerhouse or log cabin for a long time. What is Pressure-treatment in fact? And why should you choose for Pressure-treatment when buying a log cabin or summerhouse? In this article you can read about Pressure-treatment, how it works and the advantages of Pressure-treatment.

What does impregnation mean?

Before we explain Pressure-treatment, it is useful to first explain what impregnation means, since the pressure-treatment is form of that. Impregnation refers to the penetration of a material, in this case wood, with another substance. The purpose of impregnation is to extend the life of the wood and thus the summerhouse. In short, impregnating wood is making it water-repellent, making it last longer. It is a technique to give the material water-resistant, fungicidal and fire retardant properties..

Pressure-treatment: what is that?

Pressure-treatment is an alternative to staining, which is also a way to protect wood. The pressure-treatment is a process that takes place entirely in a large boiler. The wood from your summerhouse or log cabin is first placed in the boiler. This naturally takes place before the assembly of the log cabin. Once the wood has been placed in the boiler, the door closes and the boiler pulls in a vacuum. The oxygen is then extracted from the wood, after which the boiler is filled with an impregnating agent. When the boiler is filled with the impregnating agent, the pressure is increased, so that the wood absorbs the impregnating agent. Pressure-treatment is an entirely computer-controlled process.

Because the impregnating agent is pressed into the wood under high pressure, the wood swells. This increases the drying time and therefore the delivery time. In addition, it is possible that due to the high pressure during Pressure-treatment the wood deforms slightly. This occasionally causes small cracks. If you have had the wood of your log cabin or summerhouse impregnated by means of boiler pressure, then staining is no longer necessary. The windows and doors are not impregnated with boiler pressure. You can order these from us with opaque stain, transparent stain or spray impregnated.

The advantages of Pressure-treatment

One of the most important advantages of Pressure-treatment is of course the longer life of your summerhouse or log cabin. Through Pressure-treatment, your summerhouse or log cabin is optimally protected. Because the wood is impregnated under boiler pressure, it is also low-maintenance. Under all weather conditions, the wood of your summerhouse or log cabin can be kept for at least 10 years. In the long run, the wood can age, but this can be prevented with wood-oil, for example. This will also stop the weathering process, so that the wood can last up to 40 years. Pressure-treatment is the method that guarantees the longest life of the wood.

Another important advantage over paint and coating is that it cannot peel off, flake, let go or crack. Pressure-treatment does not only apply a thin layer to the surface, but really penetrates deep into the wood. In addition, wood often loses its natural appearance when painted or coated. This does not occur with Pressure-treatment. Your summerhouse or log cabin will really look nice and clean for longer.

What does impregnating wood with boiler pressure cost?

A summerhouse or log cabin is available in various sizes. Whether you have a log cabin of 8 m2 or a summerhouse of 12 m2, both can be impregnated by means of boiler pressure. This does mean that the prices of impregnating your garden house or log cabin can vary. For a log cabin of 8 m2 you probably need less wood than for the garden house of 15 m2. It also means that the 15 m2 summerhouse also needs more impregnating agent in the boiler. This of course leads to the price difference between boiler pressure and impregnation. The price of Pressure-treatment therefore depends on the size of your summerhouse and/or log cabin and the amount of wood used.

Have your summerhouse or log cabin with Pressure-treatment built

If you order your summerhouse or log cabin via Kitset Cabins, you can immediately choose to have your it  impregnated under boiler pressure. Pressure-treatment offers many advantages as you have read in this article.

Are you also designing your log cabin and would you like to have your log cabin or garden house impregnated by us Via our 3D configurator you can indicate that you want your cabin or summerhouse impregnated by means of boiler pressure. You can choose between the boiler pressure colours brown and green.



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